Saturday, 4 April 2015

Turn Down Before Tuning Up...please.

I'm a pretty easy going fellow and not much bothers me.  One thing, however, that does get my goat occurs when people tune up at what appears to be full power when they don't need to.  When I am working a station, be it a weak one or a strong one, it takes my full attention and I don't do well with distractions.  The distractions bother me less and less as my operating skills improve but the one distraction I cannot overcome happens when people come to a frequency and tune up at such a high power that I can hear nothing else. I know that this is more of a problem for QRP operation as we are often not heard.  I realize that I am operating at 1W or less...maybe 2.5W and that they may not hear me.  I get that but is it really necessary to tune up at full power?  To add to that it seems to take the operator forever to tune causing me to miss a lot of the exchange with my destination station.  I'm glad it doesn't happen on a daily basis and I feel lucky for that but I wish operators would be a little more considerate and turn down before tuning up.

I feel better now.  :o)


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