Sunday, 19 April 2015

The Window Opened...And Then It Closed Again

I wish I were able to report a QSO with a new distant entity but alas I cannot.  What I am pleased about is that for the first time I have heard New Zealand and Australia on my simple wire antenna.  I was on 30M this morning around 1130 UTC and I heard ZL, ZF and VK calls.  There were not a lot of stations after them at the start.  I tried at 5W  over a 20 minute period but they disappeared.  I heard many US calls getting them over that time but they started to fade away.  I always thought that from eastern Ontario I would not be lucky enough to hear stations from 10000 miles away but I can.  I now know that those NL and VK stations may be in my log book after all some day.


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