Friday, 23 March 2018

My First Instinct...lower the power

I always have my FT-817 transmit power set to 1 watt.  When I hear a station calling CQ I always make my first attempts at 1W.  I am usually successful but if I am not I will reluctantly bump the power up to the next setting which is 2.5W.  I will do this usually with success but if all else fails I will grudgingly increase to 5W.  This doesn't happen very often which is why I am always so reluctant to increase my power.  Sometimes I even don't bother bumping the power up if it's a continental North American call sign as I know that with 5W I will not be at least 1000 Miles per watt and what's the point.  I know that's an illogical my way of thinking because isn't the whole purpose of ham radio to actually communicate with someone.  That's a flaw in my way of enjoying this hobby but I guess that's why there are so many different ways to enjoy this hobby.

Following the same "logic", as soon as I hear a signal that is fairly strong my first instinct is to drop the power to the 1/2W setting.  I get all excited when I hear the station come back to me knowing that I am using QRPp power.  It's my happiest place to be in.  The signal reports are generally 559 and I am fine with that.  I also do not want to minimize the appreciation I have for the other operators who are willing to work my weak signal.  Without them I would be sitting at my operating position destined to be frustrated.  I thank you all.

One other thing, I believe, that works in my favour is that I have low expectations and I am easily satisfied.  If I can sit down at the radio and make 1 or 2 QSOs I am perfectly happy.  I am not one to sit for hours making contacts which is probably why I am not a contest operator.  Perhaps my attention span is too short...either that or it's because I know I have other chores I know I should be doing.

Scott ve3vvf/qrp

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