Sunday, 16 April 2017

Hawaii - Out of the Blue

I turned the radio on this afternoon for the first time in almost a week.  The bands seemed quite quiet for a mid-afternoon Easter Sunday.  Down at the bottom of 17M band was KH7XS on 18.070MHz.  The Big Island Contest Club is located in Laupahoehoe on the east coast of the Big Island 4783 miles away.

Their antennas did all the work today as they have quite a setup.  I had 5 watts into my inverted vee here in Eastern Ontario and through a little QSB and a few attempts they came back to me.  It was a fast operator for my speed and experience but I got the QSO in.  It was not quite 1000 Miles per watt (957) but I know that Hawaii is not the easiest contact to acquire if one were collecting entities for WAS.  I do not really operate towards any particular awards but was pleased to get HI nonetheless.

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