Monday, 29 August 2016

Hallicrafters S-38

I was out combing some of the area's antique shops with my better half on Sunday looking for anything BUT ham radio related items when I stumbled upon a boat anchor.  As soon as I saw the name Hallicrafters I got all excited.  I didn't know what the S-38 was but I knew that at the price of $15 it was worth a gamble.

I have looked it up and found a lot of information on restoring that radio.  I'm excited to be working with tubes again.  I learned them when I was in Radio Technician training in the military but never actually used it in practice.  This will also be my first boat anchor if you don't count the HW-8 I started out on many years ago.  I am very excited to start this winter project...get that soldering iron going.


  1. I had one many years ago, someone gave it to a young aspiring radio amateur, and I used it to listen to the local AM gang on 75 meters. Thanks for stirring up some nice old memories, hope you can get it working again...

    1. Thanks Dave. I'm excited to get started